The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule, TGR from here on out, is simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t do something you don’t want to later experience.

TGR is all about how I treat other people, NOT how they treat me. I’m halfway though my 44th year in this world and I’m just recognizing this!

This month has been interesting. I took a week long vacation with my daughters & 2 sweet teens. It was hectic, crazy, relaxing and loud. My husband stayed home and prepared our company for his own absence that was coming up. After we returned home, I spent several days helping him get ready to leave the country. Confirming he has all the gear he needs. Calling the cell service provider. Contacting the satellite phone company to adjust his travel dates that got pushed to the right one week. Trying to spend time together because he will be gone for 2 weeks. Going over paperwork & emergency contacts & plans.

He leaves. I pray for his safety. For our protection in his absence.

I get busy trying to accomplish so much! Meeting with former co-workers & colleagues. Presenting myself as a good candidate for consulting as a part time marketing and social media partner.

I get back into the classroom as a substitute. Recognizing everything that has changed in the last four years since I’ve been raising babies.

Applying for & following up with job with mission that is so very near to my heart.

Scheduling and attending to a mammogram, a yearly physical & bloodwork. Finally seeing a specialist about the foot pain I’ve had for 2 months.

Supporting and cheering like a maniac for my daughter’s high school softball team. Dragging toddlers to games, practices, dance class, preschool & tball.

Going on a field trip with the littles. Seeing my precious girls get smacked & spit on by a child in their preschool. Refraining from jerking that little precious cupcake up. Contacting administrators, conferring with the teachers. Coming up with a plan to keep my children from harm.

Raising baby chicks.

Nothing unusual, nothing that a lot of moms and dads don’t do on a weekly basis.

My foot is most likely a little broken. Just a stress fracture. I must walk in a fancy surgical shoe/boot for 2 weeks. No worries, I can walk. No crutch. No real prohibitions, just slow down a little. Sit a little more, prop my foot up & ice it. No problem.

Big problem. I am in a lot of pain. My foot feels better. My back, neck, hips & knees ache horribly.

So I listen. I spend the majority of the next day resting, doing what the dr says.

My patience is very thin. I struggle when I don’t feel good. I don’t ask for help often. I hint around sometimes, I passively offer info & suggestions as to what I need.

Not the most effective plan, most people need to be told you need help. To be told they can do something to help. I don’t like to be bold & honest about my struggles. It upsets me when I do ask for help & I get a negative response. I’m immature like that.

I step in and just do when I see a need. Cook a meal for a sick loved one. Volunteer to help out with an event. Do what I would appreciate if I were in their shoes.

There’s the problem. Not everyone is wired like me. I can’t expect other personalities to feel & act the way I do. That’s just setting me up for disappointment. And a few tears. Because I really do need help sometimes. We all do!

So I pull myself together. I remember there is only One who never disappoints. Realizing my feelings are not a result of meanness or uncaring by others.

I’m looking forward to having my whole family under my roof again. To making plans for our future.

My takeaway from this hurt is simple. Stop expecting people to read your mind. Don’t be so sensitive. Forgive when you’ve been hurt. They most likely don’t understand & it wasn’t intentional. Remember that everyone is fighting a battle. Some seen & some invisible. And offer grace. Because we are all gonna need it one day!


As one of my good friends once told me. “Honey, you’ve got more on your plate than you can say grace over!

I love that expression. The Golden Rule, treat others they way you want to be treated. I would add to that, offer grace, freely. Just as it’s been offered to you.

Happy Friday friends!



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