He knew I needed you

My best friend from high school and I have been trying to have lunch together for months now. I have a fall birthday, she has a spring. We have 2 husbands & 5 kids between us. Between our kids, our own schedules & life, we are killin’ if we can meet up twice a year. Did I mention we live less than an hour from each other? I drive by her house almost every Sunday.

Connecting should not be that hard! She & her beautiful family came to the twins birthday party last month. She asked if there was anything she could do to help with the party. I said yes. That’s a hard thing. She came early & did whatever needed to be done. After it was over, she came back & helped me & my sisters clean up.

I needed help & she stepped in. She loves me boogers and all. She’s seen me at my absolute worst (and it was bad) and she’s seen me at my best. She’s watched me make major life mistakes (like marrying a man I probably shouldn’t have, but no one could tell me otherwise) she’s prayed for me, loved me & even driven cross country with me after I married said mistake.

We were 21 years old, from a tiny town in central Virginia & we drove to San Diego with nothing but a Rand Mcnally & some snacks from our mommas. Miranda Lambert ain’t got nothing on us!

Fast forward 20 years & we are still best buddies. We were categorized as “advanced maternal age” when we had our last babies. We laugh about being 80 when we finally get to be grannies, or Gigi’s or Nanas or whatever our precious perfect future grand babies decide to call us.

We have both had a lot going on with ourselves, our kids, we are just “covered up” as my husband (not the mistaken one) would say.

She texts me this morning & says she does not think she can meet until after school is out. She runs one of the local elementary schools.

I text her back, it’s ok.

I stroll into Sams club this morning (actually kinda limp because my dumb foot is still in a surgical shoe & one of my toddlers stepped on it last night when I had it off for maybe 30 mins.)

Who comes gliding in after me? How amazing is that?! God knew we needed each other! Just like he knew we needed each other in high school when we were cheering & the team captains decided they were going to corrupt us & pressure us into drinking & smoking. Nope. Didn’t happen. A Morris-Powell bond is a strong one!

We stood in the club & laughed & cried. And laughed some more. We can’t help it. We love to make each other laugh & repeat “I know, right?!” no fewer than a dozen times when we are together. Then give each other high fives & snort because we are the funniest things ever!

So thankful for her, for our history, for our longstanding friendship & our eternal friendship.

And I’m thankful for my Lord, who looked at us 44 years ago & said, hmm wonder what would happen if their lives collide? I’m sure He finds us just as entertaining as we find each other!

He is so faithful.


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