After the storm

I had the prettiest Crepe Myrtle in my yard. It was a present from my husband. I loved the beautiful pink flowers that bloomed in the heat of summer.

Sadly, it grew much bigger than it was supposed to. Years after we planted it, we had to remove it (I say we, it was really HIM, but I’m trying to be gracious.)

I was sadder than I probably should’ve been. It was just a tree. Or is it a bush? I don’t know.

Today as I was walking through the yard after a HUGE storm, I see what appears to be a new Crepe Myrtle growing near the one that was removed. Is this even possible? The hubs says maybe?

All of a sudden this thought just popped into my head. You are like that Crepe Myrtle. I plant you. You grow. You get too big for your britches. You need to be pruned, to be removed from your circumstances.

There is a resting period. A time of quiet. A time to learn lessons.

And then boom, you get another chance. New life. Redemption.

I can not wait to see this baby grow. So thankful for second chances. And grace. Always grace.

update 6/22/18

We have a pretty pink bloom! This little survivor, fighter, sweet promise of a plant makes me so happy!

Update #3 August 10, 2020

What a year 2029 has been! So much loss, but so much gained…

This sweet little survivor has persevered & blossomed!

Never give up, God can redeem any situation.

You may be in a season of darkness, of rest, of barrenness. But you will bloom again, this I know!


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