A case of the Mays

We are exhausted.

Mommy bloggers, Instagramers, tweeters, social media darlings & misfits, we are all pooped.

We are posting about how all the May expectations are pushing us over the edge. One way ticket to crazy town. Deluxe accommodations please. If you’re going crazy you might as well do it in comfort, am I right?



8th grade dance.

8th grade graduation.

8th grade field trip.

End of year preschool gifts.


Pool parties.

High School Graduations.

College Baseball tournaments.

Ducks πŸ¦† chickens πŸ“ Dogs πŸ• cows πŸ„

I love to volunteer for things. For real. As long as no one will get mad if I fail. That’s another subject for another day.

I love too much sometimes. Let me be clear. I love to be involved too much. Never too much love for my Jesus, my friends & my family.

But I might stretch myself too thin. (Not physically of course, because I also LOVE to eat.). Exercise, yeah, no. Don’t put me down for cardio.

I find myself saying “Its time to circle the wagons. Take care of my husband, my kids.”

That’s a hard thing. Of course I take care of them. But I also wanna take care of everyone else. And there is only so much time in my day. In any of our days. And apparently there is only so much patience & kindness in my bucket too!

How awful, at the end of the day, to have spent all my patience & kindness & energy, leaving my sweet little family with leftovers!

Tonight I read something that just breathed peace into my mind. Balm for my soul it was.

My shoulders were not designed to carry heavy burdens. When I’m feeling burdened, I need to examine the burdened feeling. Is it really my burden to carry? If it is, then seek help, advice, comfort. For me that looks like prayer, seeking godly counsel. Asking for help. (Another hard one)

If it is not my burden, I need to lay it down. Shrug it off. Let it roll on off, like water off a ducks back. As T. Swift sings, “shake shake shake shake it off!”

So, if you have a case of the Mays, be kind to yourself. Be realistic. Check your burdens. And shake off the ones that are not yours.

Oh & do me a favor. If I volunteer for something else, please stop me.

If I come up with anymore great ideas, smack me.

With love of course. Always with love.

I am grateful for all my blessings. Now I just need to slow down & enjoy them πŸ’•


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