A lost art

Hand written Thank you notes, cursive writing & stamps with envelopes, a lost art that is precious to me.

My sweet sweet aunt wrote me a thank you note. She mailed it. It was absolutely my pleasure & delight to have lunch with her on her birthday. The fact that she took the time to thank me is so precious.

She is my mom’s only living sister.

She taught me that peanuts in a tissue & Pepsi over crushed ice with a straw is the perfect snack for car rides.

She came to watch me play softball at the youth center when I was not very good, buck toothed & looked like a boy.

This past Sunday she zipped my dress up & told me to stand up to take a better picture of her granddaughter. She is a blessing to me.

My mom’s eldest sister passed away years ago. I have no doubt she would be writing similar thank you notes. I’ve written before about how she sent me back to college with a delicious loaf of sour dough bread many times. How she made her daughter’s wedding dress. How she could cater a wedding like nobody’s business & sing & support her husband in his ministry with grace & joy & patience.

Tonight I will write a thank you note. And tomorrow I will mail it.

Call it old fashioned, vintage, whatever. I’m excited to do it & thankful I have a reason to write one & someone special to send it too!

Be blessed my sweet friends. I am thankful for you & your willingness to read my hearts thoughts!


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