Wiseman in a fire truck

My sweet little princess woke up twice in the midnight hour. She’s my little tender heart. That little brown care bear with a red heart on its stomach captures her sweet spirit.

She is laying beside me now, snuggled up & sleeping soundly. I just climbed back in bed after several hours of cleaning because I couldn’t go back to sleep. I checked to make sure she was breathing & felt her little heart beating. She may not be a baby anymore, but I still have this intense need to check.

She rolled over when I disturbed her & sweetly asked what is that smell? That’s always tricky with her. She loves the smell of Dorito breath and taco breath. I figured she might be smelling my stale Dr. Pepper breath!

I had just rubbed a combo of coconut oil & frankincense over my age spots on my hands & neck & forehead. I took a gamble & told her it was my lotion. “It smells good.” Shew. I was thankful I didn’t stink. Sometimes I do according to her sweet little nose. Bless her.

While I was baking pies & prepping for chili ( and by prepping I mean laying out chili seasoning & beans, hoping I remember to brown the burger when I get up in a few hours) I discovered a fire truck. A wiseman from our nativity scene was in the driver’s seat. At first it struck me as funny. Then I thought maybe there was some sort of spiritual application I could make.

Maybe tomorrow when I’m not so tired?

But I can rest now, reassured that she is right beside me. Pies are done. Jesus is on the throne & there’s a wiseman in a fire truck in my kitchen.

Good night sweet friends. Or good morning. Either is a blessing!


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