3 am thoughts

I’m up again. Against my will. Bless.

My littles were both up. I finally got them settled & back to sleep.

Here I am.

Planning for VBS 2018 at our church.

Thinking about the fun VBS my girls are in right now.

Stumbling around Pinterest.

Shopping on Amazon Prime.

Attempting to log in to my Oriental Trading Account. Side note- I think the last time I used that account was 1945.

And of course Facebook. Can’t forget to take a quick glance while it’s quiet.

I read updates on all my pages I’m following & groups I’m a part of.

Luke the little but Mighty

Kelsey’s Journey of Hope

Ashley’s Journey

I was overwhelmed with emotion.

So many needs.

So many answered prayers.

So many miracles.

So many hopes.

I need to focus on the positive.

Babies & mommies with cancer scare me, I become full of fear.

I start thinking of all those I love with horrific diseases.

I need to focus on Jesus.

My author.

My shield.

My defender.

My healer.

My peace that passes all understanding.

My rock.

My fortress.

I am so grateful I’m not in charge.

So grateful I’m not the One who decides who gets their healings today.


Next year.

Not this side of heaven. (That’s a real tough one for me. Being honest here. It’s 3:30 am. It feels silly not to be honest.)

I am praying for healings. For peace. For miracles.

And myself. It’s ok to pray for yourself. Did you know that?

It’s ok to get mad.

To feel emotion.

Show emotion.

I’m going to listen to my Alan Jackson Gospel playlist.

I’ve listened to this for atleast 12 years.

My girls, all 3 of them have listened to it at bedtime over the years.

My grandmother passed while “I’ll fly away” played softly in the room.

If ol’ Alan can sing my sweet Grandma to glory, I reckon surely he can sing me to a restful, peaceful sleep.

I have almost 3 more hours before my alarm goes off.

I do love a nap.

Sweet dreams to anyone else who is awake.

You are not alone.

God is good.

All the time.

Amen & good night my sweet friends


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