Does the abundance in your life ever stress you out?

I know that sounds odd, be patient with me.

My closet is a disaster. Flip flops, knee boots, booties, Toms, Converse…everywhere.

LuLaRoe leggings, perfect & classic tees, Irma’s, maxi dresses.

Jeans, capris, shorts, long sweaters (or blankets as my husband calls them). Everywhere.

I am in the middle of a closet purge. It’s not pretty. Skinny clothes from 20 years ago (I’m not even kidding) bigger clothes but not big enough to get rid of. And then there are my just right (now) clothes.

18-24 month clothes that the twins have outgrown.

Clothes with tags on them that my oldest hasn’t even worn.

Just writing this makes me feel obnoxious & spoiled. Abundance.

I also have an abundance of friends & family I am loving & praying for & at times stressing over. My hardworking husband. My 3 precious girls. My parents. My sweet in laws. My sisters. Their husbands.

8 nieces and nephews. (Most of them are teenagers…help us all!)

An aunt and uncle I love so fiercely I tear up thinking about them hurting in any way. Cousins that are like sisters.

How is it possible to love so much?

And then the hurts come. The every day disappointments.

Realizing that you are not everyone’s Chick-fil-A sauce (thanks Amy Weatherly for that perfect analogy).

That your loved ones aren’t perfect. That the Lord doesn’t always answer my prayers in a timely fashion (in my head anyway).

The stress of having too much. Too much stuff. Too many things to pray about. Too much hurt. Too much fear. Too much love?

Perfect love casts out fear. Claim that today. Love abundantly. Pray abundantly. Live abundantly.

And clean out your closet! Bless someone else. Bless yourself.

Clean out your heart & mind. Cast aside the fear & jealousy & not good enough feelings. Keep & treasure the love. The loved ones. Cherish the privilege of praying for & loving them abundantly.

Once again, thank you for hearing my heart. And reading my ramblings ❤️


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