Bruce the Cat

I wrote about a funny encounter I had at the girls’ school a few months back on my personal page.

I met a very nice lady with a very old black lab & a cat named Bruce, who thinks he’s a dog. The sweet old lab was on a leash & Bruce was not. The mom takes the dog for a walk from her home to pick up her son from the elementary school. And some days Bruce saunters along.

I first noticed them sitting on a bench at the playground. Bruce was just laying there waiting. The son comes out at dismissal & they all walk home. Of course the girls were intent on meeting them. We quickly made friends with the cat, dog & humans.

More often than not, the girls look for Bruce. We hadn’t seen him for the last few weeks, much to their dismay.

At pickup today the girls were soooo excited to see me (they really were, I’m like their favorite person ever right now). They took off as fast as their little legs would go, racing down the side walk. They are not supposed to run to me. But they are 3, so sometimes they forget.

Today was one of those times. And Libby tripped, she went down hard, taking Callie with her. Like dominos. And the tears came. And there might have been some high pitched screaming, some screeching.

It wasn’t embarrassing at all.

No one stared at us.

It was awful, such a spectacle! I took each by the hand, after multiple hugs & boo boo checks. We slowly made our way to the van. Slowly, limping, because, you know, drama.

Who do we spy? Bruce & his family! His boy scooped him up & met us as we limped along. His mom saw the fall. She was so kind, she waited so my girls could pet Bruce. And the pup too of course.

But Bruce was the rock star, the main attraction.

What are the chances of that? No Bruce for weeks. Then when we need him the most, he shows up!

It was such a God wink.

I am so grateful for the kindness of that Mom. We really do need to bless each other & she sure did!

And the knowledge that my God, my Abba Father was gracious is so precious to me! He smiled down on me & my girls today.

I’m sure some reading this are thinking, what in the world. As if.

God has more important work to do.

That’s ok.

I know my Lord. And this was His hand.

I hope that one day everyone will know the joy I find in Him. And I will try to remember this day, the day God smiled down on us.

Because I have days when I don’t feel like He’s smiling.

Unsure that He’s working on my behalf at all.

But you know what?

Faith is just that, believing even when you don’t feel anything.

Feelings are tricky.

And fickle.

And cannot always be trusted.

Be encouraged. Jesus does love you.

This I know!

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

Isaiah 40:11


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