Have you ever been hurt by a believer?

Have you been hurt by a Christian?

I just had this conversation with a sweet friend today. Last month I had it with another friend. Year after year, month after month , week after week I have conversations with hurting moms, sisters, daughters, even sons & fathers.

I know I have hurt people. When I first fell in love with Jesus I was so anxious to show my new faith to my friends. I was 14. I was awkward & judgy.

I would venture to say I have hurt someone in every journey in my life.

High School


Young Married Naval Officers wife

Young divorced confused 20ish single

New mom in my 30s

Old mom in my 40s

That’s where I am now.

And I have been hurt in all these stages also.

Hurt people hurt people. Thanks Dr. Phil, you got that one right.

Once again, love heals. Ignorance hurts.

Choose love. Forgive us when we fail. Give grace & recieve it.

You are loved 💕


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