One of those days

I hit a deer on the way to school this morning. On the same stretch of road I hit one on a few months ago on the way to a softball tournament.

First time, no damage. Absolutely not a bit.

Today I knocked the Toyota emblem off my van. I saw it go flying by right beside the deer. Who came out of NOWHERE I might add. Straight sprinting in front of me. Never even had a chance to tap the brakes, much less stop.

My girls are hilarious. Libby says “oh mercy that scared me! Call daddy and tell him we hit another deer & broke its leg!” She then proceeds to scold me the whole way to school because I’m not calling him. I was saving that fun convo for later.

I don’t think Callie even knew we hit a deer. She was plugged up watching a movie, eating her sausage biscuit & drinking her orange juice.

We make it safely to school. I’m sharing my adventure with one of the girls teachers & I jokingly say, “that’s why we need to hunt them, to keep them from jumping out in front of my car.”

Turns out, she’s not a fan of hunting. Oops. We both try to gracefully exit this conversation…but we fail.


She mentions hunting with bows & how she hates to think of wounding an animal that way. I feel the need to share that my husband killed a bear with a bow. Just one shot. And that I truly don’t think any hunter wants to wound an animal & have it suffer.

I said I was surprised hunting hadn’t come up with the twins…She then mentions something about kids hunting and again I feel the need to tell her Emma shot her first buck in 4th grade.

Why can’t I just smile and nod?! I mention something about hunting season being over & she says she still hears shots.

So then I again, feel the need to share…how Robbie predator hunts at night…killing coyotes for farmers who ask for his help. She is horrified.

I tried to explain that coyotes are bad. Robbie is good. We are nearing the end of our walk to the classroom.

She shares that she does not think any less of me because we hunt.

Ok? I share that I’m gonna win her over.

Why? Why did I say that?! She doesn’t have to like hunting. We can still like each other & not agree on everything. I do, however, prefer people to agree with me. Don’t we all?

I trudge back out to the car. Head over to the gym. Grab my change of clothes, ear buds & water bottle & head to the locker room. I’m thinking as I start to change, when would be the best time to go looking for that Toyota emblem? Maybe I should wait till all the traffic dies down after middle school drop off.

MIDDLE SCHOOL DROP OFF! Emma is at home waiting for me to pick her up & take her to school. Oh my word. I forgot my kid.

After I safely deliver her to school (and found the Toyota emblem, yay) I decide the gym is probably a good idea. It might help me get my head on straight & have a better day. I quickly change clothes, explain to the sweet girl up front why I’m back. She laughed. Apparently she’s forgotten her kids before too!

When I’m done with my cardio, I head back to the locker room. Look in the mirror & discover I’ve had my shirt on inside out the entire time.


And clearly I have no friends at the gym because no one told me.

So I’ve had a day. All of this before 10 am this morning.

And yes, I am so thankful that we were not hurt. That my van is still drivable. That hopefully my hubby can put my Toyota emblem back on. Cause I’m looking a little sketchy right now. But I’ll tell you, I haven’t had quite a mixed up, unplanned day like this in a while. So of course I had to tell all of you about it!

And can we all just pray I learn how to smile & nod?


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