Spring Break

I just came home from the best vacation. I had 3 teenage girls & a set of twins with me. I was the only “adult.”

We were cozy in a 1 bedroom condo (glorified gutted & refabbed hotel room). 1 king sized bed, 2 pack in plays, 1 pull out sofa & 1 air mattress.

1 bathroom. I was a little worried about the one bathroom. Especially after we ate Mexican 2 nights in a row!

We were ocean front-ish. I bought this timeshare week from someone who advertised it on a FB online yardsale site. That’s another story for another time. I did take my back up & bodyguard nephew Parker with me to oversee the money exchange!

I was amazed at how smoothly the week went. Even when the pool had to be drained & the ocean breeze took our breath away.

I am thankful for a week away with my kids & their friends. I just wish I could’ve taken more & my husband too.

I’m feeling pretty relaxed. Let’s hope that lasts through all the laundry today!

Be on the look out for a post about a sweet new friend I met. Mom connections are amazing.

For now I must go…I hear my mini me stirring & Robbie’s mini me is still snoozing!




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