When the Walmart greeter thanks you

Y’all. I don’t even know how to respond to people anymore. Those precious kitkats who feel the need to comment on my grocery purchases, bless ’em.

I’ve been thanked by the Walmart greeter on my way out the door, for helping him keep his job.

I was informed by Robert, the chatty cashier, that Swedish Fish should only come in red. Um, no Robert, some of us don’t like the red ones. We enjoy the variety of the rainbow colored ones, thank you very much.

Just last week as I was pushing my buggy out the door, a random stranger, an older neatly dressed man, remarked that he was glad he didn’t have to pay for what was on my cart. That was the benefit to being a bachelor. Well ok?

Now, to be fair, I have longingly looked at the lady in front of me with her handful of groceries and thought “wow, how nice that must be! One day that will be me. I won’t be feeding 3 hungry children..” I’ve even said something a time or two. But then it hit me one day, she may be longing to have a family to grocery shop for. What I am taking for granted may be her heart’s desire. So I don’t say a peep anymore.

That older gentleman may be so lonely that reaching out to converse with me is an attempt for some human contact. Or he’s just an awkward confirmed bachelor who thinks he’s funny. It could go either way.

I guess the point to all my ramblings is, not everything that pops into your head needs to come out of your mouth! But seriously, the next time I’m tempted to roll my eyes at someone’s comments, or wish I could get in and out of the Walmart in less than 30 minutes & less than $200, just chill. Be thankful for the mouths that I have the privilege to feed. And say “Yurrr Welcurrr!”to the grateful Walmart greeter on the way out the door!


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