Erasing the memories

I did something today I’ve been aching to do for months! I cleaned my front porch. As I was scrubbing the paint, dried playdoh, melted crayons..I noticed these sweet little foot prints. I almost left them. But I decided to take a picture & look forward to smiling when it comes up in my memories. I also attempted to scrape up the melted on mustache duct tape Emma used to practice her form when she was learning to pitch at 9 or 10 years old.

Side note-does anyone have suggestions for removing said melted on duct taped? I broke a razor blade trying to scrape it off! Duct tape truly is amazing.

I’m looking forward to spending time on my porch without grimacing because it’s such a disaster. Reading my devotions & sipping my ice cold Dr. Pepper over ice in my knock-off Yeti imprinted with Softball Mom. I’m thankful for the times spent painting & making playdoh snowmen on this porch. Remembering sweet Emma working on her pitching form & coloring in Curious George coloring books.

Life is messy. But my porch doesn’t have to be…in all honesty, I’ll scrub again. But for now I will enjoy my clean front porch. And my memories.



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