Friday’s are my favorite

Fridays are my favorite!

I just love Fridays! Not unusual, I know, but considering my weekends are usually more jam packed & honestly more stressful than my weekdays, it’s kinda funny.

Most weekends are spent at the ballfield or doing something “fun”, which usually involves packing up & schlepping a lot of teenager & toddlers included.

Back to why I love Fridays…

It’s the twins 1/2 day of preschool, they are released at 11am. After all my school drop offs, I go to the gym. And I don’t have to take a toddler bag with me or drop anything or anyone off in the kidszone. Just me, my ear buds, trusty phone & water bottle. Today I forgot my water bottle & it was ok, they have water fountains! This new found freedom is a bit overwhelming at times. I feel like I’m missing something…like a diaper bag, a stroller, a kid or 2…

I hop on the treadmill, plug my headphones in & if my timing is right I get to enjoy a full episode of Law & Order SVU while I rotate between the treadmill, elliptical & bike. During commercials I text my sisters, post the cute twin pic I took that morning on FB & go over my list of things to do.

After my gym time, I sometimes stop by my bank & chat with Betty while she takes care of my banking needs. She’s a mess, I told her today I’m just not ever sure what’s gonna come out of her mouth!

Then I head over to Harris Teeter. I might stop by the pharmacy if I have anything to pick up. The sweet ladies there always have a smile and usually always ask about the girls.

On Friday’s you can get a footlong sub for $4.99 at the HT deli. So I go see Carol with the lovely accent. She calls me “love” and I just love it! She knows I need a ham & cheese…that 1/2 of it is for me & the other half the girls split. She cuts theirs in half again. She writes a M on the paper my half is wrapped in for “mommy” she says in her adorable accent. Then she tells me to “have a lovely weekend my love.” She just makes me feel so special!

And then it’s time to get my littles. They’ve only been in school for a few hours, so there is no note that says anyone (ahem Callie) needed any reminders today. They are super excited to eat their subs on the way home!

At home they play, color, watch TV, whatever they want for a bit. I putter around in the kitchen. I got the whole dishwasher emptied today & left no dishes in the sink. It was glorious while it lasted!

Then it’s naptime…we all take a nap & it is fabulous.

We wake up, go pick up Emma & settle in for a nice evening at home…tonight we made chili & cupcakes. So simple, but so nice! Fridays are just the best!


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