Have they ever even been shopping before?

“Have they ever even been shopping before?”

Khaki pants, red shirt, oval name badge wearing Steve questioned as he attempted to scan & bag our items.

“Um yes they have. They are 3. They ask questions about everything. Even if I’ve just answered their question, they will ask again. It’s kinda their thing. It’s how they learn.”

Libby decided to make my point for me.

“What hims name called?”

“What did I just tell you his name is?”


“Right! Good job!

Now tell Steve thank you and have a good day!”

Mockingbirds repeat as requested.

Then start demanding stickers from Steve. He looks confused. I just walk away, pushing the cart, trying not to run over anyone, because ya know, it’s one of those dualies that’s impossible to drive.

Before I can get to the van we pass 2 more moms with littles. I consider suggesting they go see Steve at register 6, that we’ve broken him in good. But I don’t, we just move on to our next stop.



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