I am woman

I am woman, hear me roar.

Watch me fix the breaker problem in our condo.

Feeling pretty good about myself today. And it’s only 7:07 am.

Not only did I take the littles to the beach by myself yesterday, I just single handedly restored power to the condo.

Well, to my bedroom & bathroom that is. But still! I was raised by a handy dad & mom.

I married a handy man (both times actually).

I was in the shower & just as I was finishing up, the light went out.


The littles were very concerned. I was very thankful the shampoo was out of my hair.

I texted the maintenance number on the info sheet. (Side note-that’s a super convenient option for moms who have children who lose their minds when their mom attempts to make a telephone call.)

Have you checked the breaker?

Um, I am on vacation. I don’t even know where the breaker is?

Found it.

Text picture of said breaker.

Finally figure out which breaker belongs to my room.

Looks fine.

I’m also the mom who could never see the baby on the ultrasound.

Let’s reboot. Works for computers soooo.



Whoop saving the day myself!


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