My littles are starting preschool in 20 days. It’s time, I guess? They will be 3 years & almost 4 months when this happens. Other than the Kids zone at the gym & nursery/preschool class at church, they are with me pretty much 24/7.

I am starting to “fweak out” a bit as they would say. These little peach pies have had such a sweet opportunity to be home with me. Emma did not have that. She was in daycare from about 12 weeks old. She transitioned like a champ from daycare to prechool to kindergarten even on to middle school. This will be such a different scenario.

At night I find myself worrying about this new endeavor. They still sleep in cribs for Pete’s Sake! At naptime I still cuddle Libby up in footy pajamas, read her 2 books, sing Jesus Loves me & pray her special prayer over her before I tuck her in to her crib, with her 2 special blankets, and her very important lovey.

Callie’s routine is slightly different…because she naps with me! We stumbled upon this sweet/bad habit when I realized she would fall asleep quicker & stay asleep longer without waking her sister if she was with me. She gets to watch her kindle for a few minutes. (Save your no screen time lectures please, that is not the focus here.). Then I rub her back, “rub it tickle” as she calls it, while I sing Jesus Loves Me. Then I rub her arm for a minute. She then cuddles up, holds my hand, kisses my cheek & tells me she loves me. She gets her special prayer too. And we sleep.

I am beyond certain that no one is going to let Libby sleep in footy pjs or pray over her before she naps. Callie is not going to get her back rubbed or her hand held as she drifts off to sleep. And there will be no cribs.

And lunch, don’t even get me started on that! I have no idea what to pack… it’s like I’ve never packed a lunch before. What if they don’t eat it? I doubt they can come back and eat it an hour later like they do now.

I’m getting worked up just writing all these thoughts down!

Callie needs her kindle when she poops. I’m sure that’s not allowed! Which might not be a bad thing…she really should do that at home.

When we started on this preschool journey, I was afraid to hope that they would both get in. It really was extraordinary. There were limited spots & I knew our chances of getting 2 of them were slim. But we did! I really feel like the Lord orchestrated this for our family. I was so impressed with their teacher when we met her last Spring. So hopeful for the future. Then I got the news she would not be returning this fall. Oh dear.

But my sweet sweet friend Holly stopped me in my tracks when she so wisely reminded me that nothing surprises the Lord & He knew who their teacher was going to be when I registered them. I knew there was a reason I’ve been friends with her since forever! As she says, Thelma & Louise are gonna rock this!

So my friends, pray for me. Pray for my girls. I’m trying to focus on the positive. I can finally clean my house, I mean really clean it! And my girls will learn so much. And have so much fun. And as I pray preschool will be a blessing for them, I pray also they will be a blessing to their teachers & classmates.

God is doing a new thing for our family & it’s a good thing. He has good plans for us, plans to give us a hope & a future. Plan for us to prosper, not to harm us. I kinda just smoosh a few of my favorite verses together…I think Jesus is cool with that.

And while my girls are at school, nothing prevents me from praying their special prayer over them.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Callie & Libby. Thank you for their sweet spirits, their kind hearts & their strong and healthy mind and bodies. I pray you would bless them as they rest. I pray they would lay down & sleep in peace, for you make them dwell in safety.

Thank you that you love us so much.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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