So Emma & I are laying across the bed, I’m reading today’s devotion to her while I rub her back. We’ve fallen into this sweet habit and I love that time with her. Tonight I mispronounce the word “rejoice” and it comes out something like “rejerse”. I think I was reading ahead and combining it with Lord.

We both lost it, cracked up so hard! We lost the reverence of the moment, but we connected in our mutual hee hawing! I think the Lord has a sense of humor, I mean He did create us with one, right?

I struggle daily with my parenting mistakes. With my failures as a wife and mother, sister and friend. We all do. But I am striving to be gentle with myself. To remind myself of the things I do right, even if it’s remembering to do devotions with Emma. And praying with the twins and singing Jesus Loves Me & He’s Still Working on Me before they go to sleep. And to remind myself that Jesus does love me. That He’s on my side. He has beautiful plans for me & my family. And He is kind, merciful & full of grace. And He loves to hear me laugh, and He cries with me. Just like I do with my kids. Except He’s perfect. And He knows I’m not. He knows my heart better than anyone. And I find tremendous comfort & hope in that!

Be encouraged my sweet friends. And be gentle with yourself. He loves us. And he loves to hear us laugh. So rejoice! Or Rejerse! Whichever makes you happy!

“Then our mouths were filled with laughter; our tongues sang for joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord had done great things for them.

Psalm 126:2”


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