What day is it anyway?

Yesterday I went to our local waterpark/pool with the oldest sister & her daughter and of course my 3 girls. Our plan was to be there at 10 am, claim a table in the gated kiddie pool community & have a glorious time. Well, having two 13 year girls who aren’t sure if their bathing suits fit can throw a kink in even the most well thought out plan.

Off to Kohl’s we go, with Target as a back up plan. 30 mins later we have happy teenagers, irritated toddlers & hungry mamas. Of course we can’t agree on what to eat so I go to Chick-fil-A & Kelly goes to Bojangles. 11:15 we arrive at said waterpark. We did find a parking spot, but no tables in the gated kiddie pool community.

We’re survivors. We found a table in another section & claim it for our lunch. There’s even a nice nook for my double stroller that we are using as a pack mule. The littles & the teenagers finish their food in record time. We send them off sunscreened & floatied up. (The littles required the floaties, not the big girls.).

Kelly & I decide to relax for 5 mins & eat our chicken in relative peace. We did just survive taking 2 teenagers & 2 toddlers bathing suit shopping after all!

A woman walks by, staring. I mean really staring. I’m thinking “what in the world is she looking at? Are we doing something wrong? Does she want our table? Am I having a wardrobe malfunction?”

She blurts out “how did y’all get Chick-fil-A on a Sunday?”

I smile, chuckle and gently remind her that it’s Saturday.

Kelly informs us both that it is Monday!

So here’s your PSA for the day. Today is Tuesday. And my mom just informed me that tomorrow is Wednesday.






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