A little more me time

img_4583Sitting on the beach again.

Trying not to overshare on social


Actually scheduled my personal FB page that I’ve had for like 8 years to be deleted.

Actually made people sad & it came off more dramatic than I wanted it to.

I love writing.

I love reading.

I love sharing family pictures.

Life is hard sometimes.

Feelings get hurt.

Sometimes I’m too sensitive.

Sometimes I do the hurting.

I pray.

I apologize.

I run things by my sisters.

I ask my husband’s opinion. (I only do that when I want the real, no holding back truth as he sees it.

I go to the scriptures. Again, only do that when I want Universal truths.

It’s hard.

But at the end of the day I have to be at peace first with Jesus, then with my husband, then with my children.

Everything & everyone else comes after that.

Shew. That’s a hard order for this mama to remember!

Thankful for this blog & the chance to share my thoughts without pissing anyone off, yet!

(Said the P word again. Mama’s gonna get me if she ever reads this post)

Love y’all & thanks for reading & being kind!

Love covers a multitude of things.

Trying my best to love.

Failing miserably at times,

Thankful for Faith & Grace.


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