Day 6 at the Beach

I’m not feeling very creative (as you can tell by my awesome title).

But, I did want to capture this moment.

Sitting on the beach with my softball mom knock off yeti, in my $9.99 beach chair I bought for my daughter, I just saw the sweetest act of kindness.

A mom & a grandma I’m assuming, and a cute little toddler boy lost one of their beach toys.

As they were racing (shuffling actually) a cute little girl saw their predicament.

She grinned & ran over to help them.

She grabbed the little toy before it could get swept out to sea.

After she returned it to the family, they each went their separate ways again.

No hesitation to help on her part.

No hesitation to accept help on theirs.

I’m not sure if any words were exchanged.

I wanna live my life like that.

Unafraid to offer help.

Unafraid to accept help.

Oh and sitting on the beach every morning ain’t to bad either.


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