Your killin’ me smalls!

Soooo here we are 4 am.

One of the littles is awake, hollering for me.

My ear hurts.


Thank the lort there is no fever & I believe it’s going to be swimmer’s ear.

We’ve had way too much fun swimming.

Jumping over waves.

Wiggling around, blowing bubbles & dunking our head under water.

So I get a sleeping buddy with cotton in her ear.

She gets to have a nice foot rub & essential oil massage on her feet & spine.

I’ve seen amazing results from a lavender & thieves combo mixed with grapeseed oil.

My oldest used a yummy concoction of coconut oil, lavender, tea tree & orange essential oils & epson salts as she soaked in the tub last night.

I probably should’ve used a drop of frankincense but I’m stingy with my baby Jesus oil.

Orange was mainly for the yummy smell because thieves & tea tree have strong aromas. And since I’m the one mixing it up it was for my benefit!

The favorite, oldest kid shares my adoration of all things citrus too though, so she was met complaining.

I think she might’ve learned her lesson that when mama says sunscreen can only do its job for so long, even when you reapply.

Maybe you should put a shirt & hat on.

Come on in out of the water.

She’s a good kid.

Some lessons are best learned through experience I guess.

But man I hate for her to experience any kind of pain.

I am looking forward to a little more sleep, a beautiful sunrise & a quick call to the doctor to make sure the littles don’t need to be seen about their ears.

Oh & if you need a refresher on the term “you’re killin me Smalls.” checkout the link below, I found a nice explanation:

Goodnight sweet friends.

If you are awake I hope you know that you are not alone.

Remember that the days are long but the years are short.

And nothing lasts forever. Not the rain nor the rainbow.

May your pain be temporary.

May your sleep be sweet.


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