Mama’s got her tennis shoes on.


I’m back at the gym with my tennis shoes on!

And I’m in one of my teen age daughter softball tournament tees!

Y’all, this is a big deal.

I’ve lost over 20 pounds, maybe 25 by now.

And my foot feels better, only 2 toes are giving me a fit.

And technically if I would wrap them like I’m supposed to they would be ok.

It’s hard to wear toe tape to the chicken coop.

For real.

It’s kind of gross.

But yay for tennis shoes.

And the bike.

And the elliptical.

And a few reps on the weight machine thingy.

Watch out world!

Mama’s got her tennis shoes on!

Never mind the fact that I’m sipping Coke   out of my fake Yeti tumbler.

I’m heading to the Walmart later today to get my Dr. Pepper.

For Pete’s sake I ran out & had to steal one of the hubby’s Cokes.

Food & drink issues will have to wait.

I can only do what I can do right now.

Thanks for reading y’all!

Faith & Grace & southern blessings to y’all.


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