I get by with a little help from my friends

I heard a something in church today that really resonated with me.

Our beloved pastor of 27 years retired a few weeks ago. We have been so blessed during this transitional time to have a former youth pastor & all around good guy come back & shepherd us.

Today he spoke on the story of Lazarus. If you grew up in church like I did, this is a very familiar story.

But I learned something new today.

Lazarus had been dead & buried for 4 days when Jesus came to his tomb.

When Jesus spoke to him & demanded that he come forth, Lazarus obeyed. But Lazarus was bound, hand & foot by his grave clothes.

Jesus then commanded those people that were gathered around, to loose him & let him go.

Loose him & let him go.

Lazarus was alive. But he was struggling. He needed help. He couldn’t do it on his own.

Isn’t that something? He’s was raised from the dead, but he was bound up.

The pastor reminded us that we can be saved, but still struggle. He encouraged us to swallow our pride & ask for help. Ask for those faithful in our lives to walk with us in our struggles.

Saved & struggling.

If you are struggling with something bigger than you, reach out. Reach past that stubborn pride. Allow someone to be a blessing to you.

Be a listener when someone else is struggling. Stand in the gap for them.

I have found some of my worst struggles have equipped me to walk along with someone in a similar struggle later.

God can redeem anything & He gives us beauty for ashes.

Redemption for me sometimes has been digging deep, putting my big girl panties on & admitting that I have gone through whatever someone else might be living through.

It would be awesome if God removed all our struggles, right?

He will, just not here in this life. In this temporary home we will have struggles. But he gave us the beautiful gift of friendship & family.

I am so thankful for 2 sisters who share my struggles.

I have a couple breakfast buddies who share my struggles when I’m brave enough to admit to them.

I’m thankful for a wise mom who shares in my struggles.

I pray I am a struggle soldier for someone else in need.

This isn’t my best work, I’m sorry. It’s very rough.

But I just couldn’t go to bed without putting these thoughts on paper.

Maybe it’s just for me.

But on the off chance there is someone out there reading this who needs to be reminded that they don’t have to struggle alone, I’m putting myself out there.

If you can’t think of anyone to share your struggle with, I will.

Now as one of my four year olds says, “Good night, I love you! I hope you have good dreams, not bad ones!”


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