Puffy coats & the car line

First off, my apologies to all the cars behind me in car drop off this morning at the twins’ school. I really didn’t mean to take 10 minutes to get the little cupcakes out of the van.

It’s approximately 20 below here in Virginia today. (Not really, but it was 19 degrees when I started the car.).

Temps in the teens means it’s puffy coat weather for the twins. Yay.

I’m a big believer in sharing my lessons learned with my friends.

So here is your step by step guide on how you must act if you are 4 and mom makes you wear a puffy coat.

By the way, these are brand new adorable puffy coats.

They hate them.

You can wear the dreaded puffy coats for the 30 seconds it takes to shuffle 20 feet from the door to the van.

In the van you must remove said coats & buckle in your car seats. (You can’t wear puffy coats while buckled in car seats, it just not safe.)

Next up you must whine & cry about how cold you are, even though the car has been warming up for 15 mins.

Add into the mix that Mom has lost her voice. It hurts to talk. She’s doing her very best to communicate with crazy eyes & hoarse whispers.

Once you make it to the car pick up line in the parking lot & you are safely crawling approximately 2 miles per hour or completely stopped, mom let’s you unbuckle & put the dreaded coat back on.

This is not new information. There really is no reason mom needs to whisper instructions in her pack a day voice. But yet she does.

Next up is the challenge of getting the coats zipped while mom is in the driver’s seat & you are behind her. You must step on your sister’s foot & back pack to add to the excitement. You must squeal as this happens.

At this point the car in front of mom is long gone & the sweet teaching assistant is looking at your closed van door with confusion.

Hey Sharon, how about a little help here?

Finally you tumble out of the van just as mom whispers emphatically JUST GET OUT!

Yes those were the words you are sent off to start your school day with. Not your usual I love you, have a great day!

Be sure to share these tips with your preschoolers. Although my money is on them already being pros.

I’m now consoling myself with the thought that they probably didn’t hear me whisper yell at them. They certainly didn’t hear anything else said to them just one time this morning!

Is it spring yet?


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