A good pair of fuzzy socks

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of fuzzy socks.

I was cleaning the other day & found a brand new pair of fuzzy socks my mom had given me for Christmas.

The amount of joy the mere sight of those cute socks gave me borders on ridiculous.

First of all they are pink, my absolute favorite color.

They are striped. Who doesn’t love stripes?

And they are sooooo soft.

I’m sure my mom had no idea when she bought them what a blessing those socks would be to me on that day.

Maybe I just needed a quick pick me up? I was cleaning after all….

I started thinking that sometimes we have no idea what a blessing we are to someone else.

My mom is a huge blessing to me & our whole family. And her church family. And most people in the surrounding counties. We don’t call her meals on wheels for nothing! She can’t help but bless people, it’s one of her gifts. It’s as natural as breathing to her.

When we get the nudge to send that card, take that meal, make that phone call, we don’t always know how it will be received. And that’s ok. Being obedient to that prompting is what matters.

There is something to be said for being on the receiving end of a blessing too.

You might be more comfortable being the blesser. But sometimes you need to receive the blessing. Get your cup filled up so you can in turn fill some one else’s.

Bless and be blessed, it’s really that simple.


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