The good stuff

So here I am, in all my glory. Triple chin & all.

I love this picture because my 3 girls are in it. Libby barely made it, but she’s there, the little stinker.

I hate the way I look in it.

I need to lose weight.

But I love to eat & I haven’t made exercise a priority.

I have dear friends who make working out a priority & I know they will help me when I’m ready to make that commitment. Don’t give up hope ladies, I’ll get there!

I decided to post the picture even though it doesn’t show me in a favorable light. It’s rare that I get all 3 girls in the same picture, so for that reason alone it is precious to me.

I’m guilty of posting the cute, sweet pictures. Of sharing the funny antidotes. I try to keep my social media positive.

I don’t tell you about the times I yell at my twins.

Or lose my patience with my teenager.

Or roll my eyes at my husband.

Or cry because I feel incredibly guilty about all of the above.

I once heard an older mom say being a mom means going to bed at night feeling guilty about something.

That is so true for me!

As I settled down for the night, I was reading my devotion & it was all about focusing our mind on Him.

Renewing our mind, filling it with His presence. Not letting our mind circle around our worries.

Just what this tired mama needed to hear.

Seek forgiveness if you need to. Then let it go.

Think about how you respond to your child when they come to you broken-hearted & sorry.

You extend grace & forgiveness. You wipe their tears & comfort them. Even though you know they will mess up again.

How much more does Jesus seek to do that for his children!

Rest in the knowledge that you are loved & forgiven. Even though you will mess up again.

Sleep well tonight knowing that you don’t have to be perfect. You can be perfectly forgiven.

“A renewed mind is Presence-focused. Train your mind to seek Me in every moment, every situation.

Jesus Calling


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