Sunday Blessings

I snuck this picture while he was praying over our meal. Yes I know I should’ve had my eyes closed.

He has his hands clasped for the benefit of his one year old great grand daughter.

He was being an example for her.

An example.

That is a perfect word to describe this man.

A godly example.

An example of what a good good father looks like.

An example of what a dedicated husband looks like.

An example of a supportive & adoring grandfather & great grandfather.

An example of a sincere friend.

An example of a kind brother.

I have known this man my entire life. I have loved him for 45 years. And I am not alone.

I have had the privilege of sharing Thanksgivings & Christmas Eves & birthdays with him & his family.

It was such a blessing to spend lunch with him & the rest of the family.

I am so thankful for men like him.

I am only a niece, but my life has been blessed by him & his lovely wife, the entire clan actually.

Today has been an emotional day.

We learned who our new pastor will be. This transition is overwhelming at times.

I am thankful for a church body who will sing Bind Us Together Lord even when it’s obvious we are all not in agreement at that exact moment.

I’m know I’m rambling, but I’m kinda all up in my feels right now.

It was a blessing to leave church & sit down to a lunch of greasy burgers & fried Mac n cheese bites with this man & his family. And laugh.

And to top it all off a sweet couple from church paid for our lunch, all 11 of us!

Blessings, they are there. We just need to look for them & accept them, especially when they are unexpected.

Now that I’ve gotten all my feelings out, I’m gonna go finish watching some super bowl commercials & eat more queso!


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