It’s so easy to embarrass a teenager

I love diffusing lemon or orange essential oils.

It literally has the same effect on me as eating a piece of chocolate or taking a sip of my beloved Dr. Pepper!

Scent for me is a very powerful sense, evoking memories & feelings abundantly.

I ordered handy car diffuser. Finally took that bad boy out, filled it with water & a few drops of lemon essential oil. Plugged it into my charger thingy in the car & viola!

My car smells like a lemon grove.

My oldest turned it off when I dropped her off at school this morning.

She didn’t want anyone to think I was vaping.


She also turned off the music. I guess we wouldn’t want anyone to think we listen to music.

I’m surprised she didn’t have a heart attack this afternoon because I wore my ice cream cone leggings to pick her up.

I took the kids to our favorite local eatery, BurritOh the other day.

It’s kinda like a subway but for tacos & burritos.

Soooo good.

We ordered 4 meals. We were the only people in there. It takes a few minutes to prep them so I ran to the restroom.

Horror of all horrors, the lady asked Emma what she wanted on her taco. Walked right over to the table & asked. As if Emma orders her own food.

She still hasn’t gotten over it & still hasn’t forgiven me for going to the restroom.

Life is so fun when there is a teenager around to embarrass.



  1. I LOVE THIS post and I have the same car diffuser. Right there with you girlfriend and scents making me so happy. And….FOR THE GOD stop going to the restroom!

    Liked by 1 person

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