Ink stains

I spent part of my morning scrubbing ball point pen ink stains off of the twins’ bedroom wall.

Just the other day I scrubbed sharpie off the hardwood floors in the dining room.

I’ll be honest, I was a little (or a lot) annoyed.

These children are repeat offenders. To the point that their dad is threatening to ban all pens & makers.

But I decided to put aside my annoyance & remember that they tell me I will long for these days.

That one day my house will be clean & quiet.

And I will remember the good & gloss over the not so good.

I was talking to my sister as I was scrubbing.

She’s in a different parenting place right now, her babies aren’t babies, they are teens & young adults. She helped me keep things in perspective.

So I scrubbed. And thanked God for these babies that truly are a miracle. And I prayed for their day & their future days.

And I was grateful.


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