The Mom Guilt

Ah the mom guilt. The struggle is real this morning.

It started last night actually when we were picking out clothes for today. Libby wanted to wear something “valentiney.”

We didn’t have anything valentiney.

I had looked at the heart shirts, the “be my valentine” shirts & cute matching leggings in Walmart & Target. But I didn’t buy any this year.

She got over it. But I didn’t.

Callie decided this morning that she didn’t want to wear what she picked out last night. I stuck to my guns & didn’t let her change.

She got over it. But I didn’t.

This morning they received just a few small things I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge what a blessing the Dollar Tree is?

They were very excited about their new paints, the cute little love bug plush animals, stickers & scissors. (We have been fighting over the 1 pair of kid friendly scissors leftover from Emma’s toddler days, so the scissors were actually very well received.)

In the hustle to get out the door Callie left her love bug at home. She was taking it to school for nap time. She had left her normal nap time animal, her beloved Teddy at home in favor of her new toy.

We were in the car, buckled up & pulling out when she discovered it’s missing.

I did not go back. She will have nothing to sleep with today.

Honestly that kid doesn’t nap at school anyway, but still she will have nothing to cuddle today.

She was over it by the time we got to school. But I’m not.

Oh & nobody wanted breakfast this morning. I didn’t make them either.

I hope they are not starving.

Mom guilt. It’s real.

I will spend the rest of the day alternating between guilty feelings & reminding myself that in the grand scheme of things, these are minor things, most likely already forgotten by the little cupcakes.

I stand with you other guilty mamas. We are doing the best we can. And our kids will be just fine!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you are wearing something valentiney.


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