Hopelessly in love

Once again a phrase from our church service got stuck in this brain of mine.

Y’all better hope I never stop going to church or I won’t have anything to blog about!

(And I’d be a big ol’ mess without my Jesus fix every week.)

Usually when we use the word hopeless or hopelessly it’s not a good thing.


The term hopelessly in love has a different connotation.

We “fall” in love with our mates.

We speak of falling in love as if we have no control over the situation.

It feels like that for sure sometimes.

Before we know it we are hopelessly in love.

Once the first blush of that love wears off, when we realize our loved one is in fact human that’s when we choose to become hopelessly devoted.

We fall in love with our babies.

A sweet girl from our church family just had the cutest, most perfectly squeezeable baby girl today. I know mom & dad are hopelessly in love with her. As they should be!

As the babies grow into toddlers & help us Jesus, teenagers, we become hopelessly devoted to them.

Devoted to helping them become Jesus lovers & productive citizens.

Just imagine, Jesus is hopelessly in love with us. He is hopelessly devoted to us.

What a promise. What a blessing to lean upon.

That love, that feeling you have that you would do absolutely anything for your baby or your mate, Jesus felt it first for you.

He feels it right now.

That heart squeeze you get when your baby smiles at you, that rush of emotion you feel when your teenager hugs you, I just have to believe Jesus feels like that when we seek Him out.

When we smile at Him.

When we unexpectedly spend time in His presence.

Oh I pray I am always hopelessly in love with Him. I pray at the end of my days it can be said that I was hopelessly devoted to Jesus.

Because He is hopelessly in love with me.

He is hopelessly devoted to me.

I’m not special.

He is hopelessly in love and devoted to you too.

You are loved.


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