Ugh mom failure

There are so many ways I messed up today.

I left the twins home with the teen so I could run my errands.

3 stores & 2 drive thrus in 3.5 hours is pretty good in my opinion.

Apparently 3.5 hours equates to ALL DAY when you are a teenager watching your sisters.

I rushed through my shopping.

Rushed home.

Rushed through putting the groceries away.

And there were a lot of groceries, like a ridiculous amount of bags & cases of drinks etc.

In my rushing around I notice there is a mysterious brown substance smeared & splattered all over the bathroom.

It’s smeared on one of the twins dresses too.

Praise the lort I’m happy to report it was Nutella.

But still a gross mess to clean up.

I rush downstairs carrying a case of Sprite. The cardboard handle gives way & 24 cans of soda go tumbling down.

Again, can we just be thankful it was Sprite not Dr. Pepper.

Sprite is everywhere.




Thankfully none hit the ceiling.

This area of the house is my hubby’s man cave.

Aka the one part of the house that is ALWAYS clean.

Not today.

The teen & one of the twins rush to see if I’m ok.

Teen gets annoyed with the 4 year old. Apparently they spent the last several hours butting heads.

Teen is mean to sister.

I am mean to teen.

Everyone is upset.

I spend quite a bit of time mopping & wiping up the mess I made.

Oh it’s also after nap time. So I’m rushing again.

In the dining room I discover a little one sitting on the floor beside a melting puddle of vanilla ice cream.

I am not full of mercy & grace when I see this.

I make the teen come clean it up.

She was thrilled.

Thankfully she sees that I’m nearing the end of my rope & hustles her sisters to get them ready for naps.

Now that all the fires have been put out & the littles ones are in bed, I am slowing down. And realizing how much better I could’ve handled things.

I have some praying to do. And some apologies to make.

And then I’m probably gonna eat some of the Dove chocolate I just bought, and wash it down with an ice cold Dr. Pepper.

Just writing this has been therapeutic.

I am reminding myself there is not limit on forgiveness or grace that is offered to me. And I will try to do better in offering it more quickly to my family.

I am hopefully teaching my kids how to mess up (definitely) and how to ask for forgiveness.

So if you’re having one of those days, take heart, you are not alone.

You are loved.


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