Sometimes Sundays are hard. Sometimes Sundays are hilarious.

If something is going to go wrong, it’s going to go wrong on Sunday morning, atleast at my house!

If there is a conflict to be had between me & my husband, it happens on Sunday morning.

If the kids are gonna squabble, you can bet it’s a Sunday morning.

I take the kids to church by myself.

When we were dating and even when we were newly married I believe, Robbie went to church with me.

We started building our house and then we started building our business & somewhere along the line Sundays became a day at home & in the office for Robbie.

I look forward to the day when he will once again sit beside me in worship. I have faith that day will come!

Once I get to church my Sundays seem to go a little smoother. Just have to get there!

The twins love church. We have a fantastic team of volunteers in our children’s ministry. I am so grateful!

Recently the twins have gotten so comfortable in church they are sharing information that I find rather cringe worthy.

This past Sunday Libby told her teacher her favorite song is Body Like a Backroad. And she sang it for her.

Body like a backroad is not a church song, just in case you were wondering.

The week prior they shared that they know how to shoot guns. (In their defense they had their first gun safety lesson with their dad the day before.) It was a pretty big deal for them.

But again, not really a church conversation per say.

Months ago they apparently shared what a wedgie is with their church class.

Once again, not a real churchy topic.

So while it can be a struggle to get out the door to church some mornings, it’s so worth it!

And the next time you see that mom bringing her babies to church alone, say a prayer for her.

And the next time you need a laugh, come talk to my kids at church!


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