Take me back


Take me back
To the place that feels like home
To the people I can depend on
To the faith that’s in my bones
Take me back
To a preacher and a verse
Where they’ve seen me at my worst
To the love I had at first
Oh, I want to go to church

I. Love. This. Song.

It’s Saturday night.

Just put the littles to bed.

I’m ready to relax.

I’m thinking about tomorrow.

The littles always want to know what the next day holds. (Don’t we all!)

Callie gets her yesterdays & tomorrows mixed up. I find it adorable when she tells me to save her french fries for yesterday.

She was thrilled to find out tomorrow (or yesterday) is Sunday & she gets to go to church.

She is currently on a “I hate school” fling. This too shall pass.

Anyways, back to church.

I am so looking forward to church tomorrow.

These are my people.

My tribe.

My family.

I was raised in church.

I went to a small Christian college.

But I have not always loved church.

I have had seasons in my life that I didn’t go.

I’ve had seasons were I was just going through the motions.

I am so thankful those seasons never lasted.

I’m thankful I am planted in a living, breathing body of believers who love like no other. Except maybe Jesus.

I want to encourage you to find your way back to church. Or find your way to church for the first time maybe?

No church is perfect. The church is made up of its people & we are most certainly not perfect.

But there is no place I’d rather be on Sunday morning.

If you live close to me, come to my church. I will sit with you!

I promise Jesus will meet you there. Take that step of faith.

I know it’s hard to go alone.

I lived in California for a couple of years. I tried to find a church. It is a lonely feeling to walk into a new church alone. I cried many Sundays.

I believe God puts people in our paths at just the right time & place. Maybe we are in someone’s path for a reason.

Maybe we are the seekers.

Maybe we are the finders.

If you are a seeker, breathe a prayer for wisdom & then go.

Go back to church.

You are loved.



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