I didn’t post about it

I had the best day today.

But I didn’t take any pictures or post about what I was doing on Facebook or Instagram.

My mom picked up her sister (we call her Winkey) & came to my house. Together we traveled over the mountain to see my sweet cousin & her precious family.

Side note, this family is Ah Mazing.

Two sets of twins. The Bigs are 2 years old & the Littles are 4 months old.

Enjoyed a sweet time visiting. Laughed at the toddlers. Snuggled the babies.

When we left we headed down the road a bit for lunch at Long John Silvers.

I have precious memories of eating at LJS with my grandma Knight. I can still see her sitting across from me, eating her coleslaw. For some reason I remember her putting a piece of ice in her coleslaw. I’ll have to check with mom & see if she really did that.

The fish was perfect. The company was even better! We talked a little about grandma. We talked some about my uncle Jim, my aunt’s husband who passed away 2 weeks ago.

After lunch we ran to the Walmart. We made record time & got everything we needed.

Then we picked up my littles from school. They were so happy to have mom & Winkey along for the ride. They were even happier with the Skittles Winkey bought them.

We came home & while I put my groceries away the kids played outside & eventually wandered next door to visit with my in laws.

After a brief but fun visit, we walked back home. The Littles were busy stuffing their faces with the powdered donuts Maw Maw gave them.

Between the Skittles & Donuts I don’t think I need to worry about dinner.

All too soon it was time for mom & Winkey to go.

After they left I was a little sad. I don’t know how many more of these fun days we have left together.

I’m not trying to be morbid. That’s not really my nature.

But we have no idea what tomorrow holds for any of us. My sister is barely 50 & she has breast cancer. Thankfully she is kicking its butt.

I don’t want to take anything or anyone for granted.

So today instead of snapping a bunch of pictures & checking in via social media, I tried really hard to be present.

And then I sat down & colored a picture & shared a bag of Skittles with my littles.

Now I’m writing it all down so I won’t forget.


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