Faith & Grace and Kindergarten registration

Seems like just yesterday that I was proclaiming at my baby shower that the twins would have the middle names Faith & Grace because that’s what it was going to take to survive the pregnancy & raising these babies.

Clearly I was a little dramatic.

But seriously where in the world has time gone?

Emma was just in elementary school. Back then we were discussing how she would be a SOPHOMORE in high school when the twins start kindergarten.

And last night she started in her first Varsity softball game.

This morning I started the registration process for kindergarten for the twins.

These last almost 5 years have flown by. And yet it seems like at times they’ve crawled by.

The good times are swift.

The not so good times are not so swift.

I’m no longer the exhausted mom falling asleep sitting up in the pediatrician’s office.

Instead I’m the frazzled mom dragging 2 four year olds to a softball game in freezing temps.

How did I end up a 45 year old girl mom with babies ranging from almost 5 to almost 15?

I don’t know how I got to be so blessed, but I’m so thankful I am!

Honestly there are some days when I am overwhelmed with doing it all over again.

My oldest will be in college & I’ll still have kids in elementary school!

I never was a young mom, but now I’m going to be positively geriatric when the twins are graduating High school.

Y’all pray for me.


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