Here we go again…

Yesterday was the first official tball practice for the twins this year. We’ve had 3 cancelled so far because central Virginia is confused & thinks it’s Seattle.

My girls were ready, black Nike cleats on their feet, ballball bags full of helmets & gloves on their backs. They were so stinkin cute!

We were a few minutes into practice when I realized most of these little tballers are the older siblings. There were babies in strollers & toddling around everywhere. There was even a set of precious twins in a double stroller. Boy did that bring back memories!

All those moms kinda clustered together & talked. I stood or sat alone & watched practice.

I watched Libby try to elbow anybody out of the way who tried to go for the ball. That kid.

Callie just grinned & waved to me every so often.

I wasn’t terribly lonely. But I wasn’t terribly comfortable either.

Then another mom comes bounding up & introduces herself as the snack mom. Her youngest was actually the tball player.

Like me she was later to the having kids game.

Unlike me she works full time.

We chatted, and then included another mom who was sitting alone as well.

Making mom friends is kinda awkward. I read somewhere someone compare it to dating. It’s kinda true.

I love my mom friends that have teenagers. We’ve been buddies since kindergarten. We are comfortable with each other.

I’m kinda dreading this whole making new mom friends.

I’m gonna have to stifle my weirdness until they get to know me better.

I’m gonna have to remember that not everything I think has to come out of my mouth.

I’m going to have to be patient, momships take time.

And one of the hardest things to remember is that not everyone is going to be my friend.

And that’s ok.

Not everyone is going to think I’m as hilarious as I think I am. Although I did tell one of the moms last night that I’m really funny.

I’m so awkward.

So here we go again.

I’m going to give this a try.

I’m gonna say some prayers & be on the look out for some mom friends who might just turn out to be huge blessings to me.

I hope I can be a blessing to them too. I am hilarious after all.

Wish me luck!


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