Soggy Bugle offering

The smell of chlorine & sunscreen mixed with clear water & happy squeals of my girls makes my heart joyful and content.

The pool is definitely our happy place.

Pool time equals snack time in this family. You can’t spend hours in the sun & water with out your fav snacks.

Today my Callie girl was taking a snack break & enjoying some Bugles. That salty, crispy crunch is addictive!

She sweetly brought me a Bugle.

A Bugle soggy from her wet, pruny little fingers.

She looked up at me expectantly with her offering.

I accepted & ate that soggy Bugle.

There was no way I was going to disappoint that little girl.

She wanted to share with me.

She didn’t realize it was a less than perfect offering.

She gave anyway.

I started thinking, is that what I give the Lord?

A less than perfect offering?

He deserves so much more.

He deserves perfection because He is perfect.

That’s where grace comes in.

It takes our less than perfect offering & covers it.

Grace makes our feeble offerings acceptable.

I believe God loves it when His children offer Him what they have.

If my heart was touched by a soggy Bugle offering, how much more is our good good Father touched by his children’s offerings?

Just keeping offering what you have.

Your praise.

Your song.

Your thankfulness.

Your time.

Your money.

Your talent.

Your prayers.

Your Father is waiting, ready to accept your offering.

You are loved.



  1. Kristie you have a gift of being able to take little small everyday moments and blessing others with a spiritual truth. I so look forward to reading your blog!! Thank you for sharing with us. Love you and may God bless you as you bless others.

    Liked by 1 person

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