Nothing binds us together like Time-Out

My littles have been struggling a little in the listening department this week.

I’m not sure if they are going through a stage or if they just like to see how close mommy can get to the edge of losing it, without losing it….

Tonight I was fixing dinner, an actual dinner that took a little concentration. Several dishes needing attention in a short amount of time.

That was probably a mistake.

Nobody can wait until dinner is ready to eat.

We must have snacks. And we must have them right now!

We also must fight with our sister.

And we must ignore our mother when she tells us to stop doing something.

And ignore her again when tells you again.

The mommy gets done with being ignored.

I put both their butts in timeout, in the kitchen with me, but separate.

I set the timer for 5 minutes because I read somewhere that you do a minute per year of their age.

I wish someone would put me in timeout for 45 mins. I’m just sayin’.

Something strange happened as they are both sitting separately in timeout.

They became united in their misery.

Soon sour looks and poked out bottom lips turn into snickers & giggles.

So much for sitting quietly & thinking about why we are in timeout.

But you know what?

They left timeout calmer, happier & more content.

After a group hug they wandered off to play together & I was able to finish dinner.

I thought about what had just happened as I was cooking.

I’m not one to question why things happen.

Why God allows certain trials.

Just kidding. I totally question why God let’s things happen.

But it’s ok because I take my questions to Him.

(Sometimes I have to stress over it for a while alone before I remember to take them to Him, but eventually I get to Him.)

Have you ever gone through something & you stumble across someone who has been through the same trial?

Aren’t they a blessing?

The kind of encouragement & wisdom they can offer is priceless.

Have you ever just known someone was going through something because you have been through it?

You can recognize their struggle, maybe before they even recognize it.

It’s kinda like being in time out together.

The bond you form with a fellow sufferer is beautiful.

We live in a fallen, evil world.

We are going to go through trials.

We are going to suffer.

People we love are going to struggle.

But God has given us His Holy Spirit as a comforter.

And He has called us to be His boots on the ground, offering comfort & empathy when we meet up with a brother or sister in need.

Thank you Jesus for never leaving us or forsaking us.

And thank you for those boots on the ground that embody your spirit & walk along side us.

You are loved.


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