It’s a pick your battles kinda day

It’s May. It’s been May for 30 days.

What does that mean?

It means school is almost done for us.

It means all the mamas & teachers are tired.

We are in survival mode.

This morning I managed to get Callie’s hair combed. But it still had that fluffy, slept in look to it. The kind of look that can be tamed with a little water.

But no. She doesn’t like her hair to be wet down.

I didn’t even make her this morning. Sent her off to school with her slept in hair. But I promise, I did comb it!

Libby did not want the underwear with the cookies on them. I traded them for a pair with days of the week on them. I have no idea what day it was. I’m sure it wasn’t correct. Perks of her not knowing how to read yet, she has no idea either.

Callie wanted to take 2 stuffed animals to school for naptime. Fine by me.

Somebody wanted two different types of cereal this morning. No problem.

Somebody wants a Nutella sandwich for lunch instead of the lunchable she begged for. No biggie.

I know someone is reading this thinking what’s the big deal?

I agree, all of those concessions were not life changing. They certainly made for less drama & upset littles.

I can be very controlling in the mornings.

I let them sleep as long as possible.

We make decisions the night before about clothes.

There’s not a lot of time for lollygagging or making changes.

But it’s the end of May & we are tired.

And recently I have been praying for the Lord to make me softer.

Make me kinder.

Make more loving.

Maybe this morning was my chance to put hands & feet on my prayers.

I’m thankful to have these chances every day.

You are loved!


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