Put on that bathing suit

I took the girls to a pool today.

It was in public.

There were other people there.

Normally we just walk next door to my in-laws and swim in their pool.

They are so gracious & we are so blessed.

But we also have access to a fun little water park through our gym membership.

The girls love it because there is a slide just their size. They can “swim” without their swimmies because there is a 2 ft area.

And of course there is a snack bar!

That awesome snack bar is serving a $5 kids meal this year & it is fabulous! Yay for the mommies that don’t want to go broke at the pool!

It is no secret that I’ve gained weight.

What you may not know is that I am taking a medication that has a bad side effect. You guessed it, weight gain.

But I need the medicine to be the very best version of myself I can be.

I hesitate to put that out there.

But I figure if you are going to judge me or think less of me, then you probably aren’t the type of person who even follows my blog.

Cause y’all are awesome!

Back to the pool.

I have a cute new swim skirt & top. It sorta camouflages the fact that I look about 6 months pregnant.

Thanks Diastasis.

Having your abdominal wall stretched & separated from a twin pregnancy at 40 is fantastic.

I should wear a sign that says I’m not pregnant, my babies just ruined my abdomen.

It’s an effective combo, the medicine & the separated abdomen!

Needless to say, I’m pretty self conscious these days.

I did some major people watching while I watched my girls.

I saw moms in bikinis (good for them!)

I saw moms in one pieces that appeared to be from a decade ago.

I saw moms in swim dresses.

I saw moms in muumuus.

I had to look up that spelling because I didn’t think it was spelled moo moo.

There were moms bigger than me.

There were moms smaller than me.

There were young moms.

There were ahem, more seasoned moms.

It took a few minutes but I finally relaxed and enjoyed myself.

I was the more seasoned mom in a swim skirt who sat in the water & let her kids pour water all over her.

I was the mom who took her kids to the snack bar not once, but twice.

I was the mom that spent several hours just enjoying her babies.

And no one asked me when I was due.

I have an answer if that happens.

I’m gonna grin & say 5 years ago!

And walk away grinning.

So sweet mama, wear that bathing suit.

Swim in that pool.

Enjoy your babies.

I promise you that you are thinking more about yourself than anyone else is!

You are so loved!


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