Permission to let it go

Yesterday I tackled a project I have simultaneously looked forward to and dreaded.

The closet in our living room has been a disaster for way too long. It has become the place to store randomness.

I dreaded it because I knew it was going to be a chore.

I was excited because I knew I would love it after it was organized.

I just dove right in. I pulled everything out of the closet.

There was a ridiculous amount of stuffed animals, baby dolls, blankets, Barbie accessories, legos, puzzle pieces, random board game pieces, play food, matchbox cars…

I started separating everything into piles.

Baby dolls over here.

Building blocks over there.

Let’s put stuffed animals in this pile.

I finally got down to the little things.

Legos that were so tiny they looked liked crumbs. Seriously what is the deal with that?

Random memory gamepieces.

Puzzles pieces.

Empty puzzles that did not match the puzzle pieces.

A lone Candyland figure.


I took a deep breath & gave myself permission to let it go.

Let those little random pieces go.

As in throw them away.

I decided not to feel guilty.

Do I wish I had the puzzle pieces safely in their puzzle frame? Of course I do.

Do I wish I had the whole memory game together nice & neat in the box? You betcha.

But I let it go. I let them go. And I’m not sorry.

Saving these little pieces for years in hopes that they would one day be reunited didn’t work out.

I realized as I was sorting through things that I do the same thing with my mistakes & regrets.

I hold on to them.

Even after I’ve sought forgiveness.

Replaying bad choices over & over.

Why? In hopes that they will miraculously change?

No. What’s done is done.

Move on & make better choices the next time.

Accept the grace that is offered.

Ask forgiveness and let it go.

You are loved.

And side note, please knock the toy out of my hand if you see me in Target buying it for my kids.


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