18 summers

As I rubbed sunscreen on the sweet little freckled nose I was struck with how perfect this moment by the pool was.

As I watched my little girls play with Barbies by the pool I was happy & a little sad at the same time.

Have you ever had such a perfect moment that it made you sad because you hated to see it end?

I feel a tug on my heart as I think about how quickly time is passing with my girls.

Lately I’ve seen several memes & posts about having only 18 summers with our kids.

When you think about it that way, our time to guide & direct & love them while they are under our roof is so very short.

According to that train of thought, I only have 3 summers left with Emma.

I have 13 summers left with the twins.

That day by the pool I thought about the prayer I have prayed for Emma & the twins over the years.

I have prayed from the moment I knew I was pregnant that my children that they would be blessed with a spouse that loves the Lord first & loves them like crazy.

I pray for my future son in laws as well.

I pray they are safe.

I pray they are being raised well.

I pray they are learning how to be a Godly husband & father.

I pray that they know Jesus in an intimate way.

I pray these same prayers for my girls.

I pray that my girls would meet their spouses at just the right time.

I pray they would remain pure for each other.

I am so thankful that the Lord hears my prayers.

I am so thankful He loves my girls even more than I do.

I am so thankful He has even better plans for them than I do.

18 summers.

Here’s to more wonderful days by the pool & the comfort that comes from knowing my Lord hears this mama’s heart.

You are loved.


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