Tiny Prayers

God answered a prayer for me today.

You know, the kind of prayer you almost feel silly praying?

Maybe it’s just me.

Sometimes I feel strange taking the little things to my Heavenly Father.

I can tell you all day long that God cares about every little thing about you.

I will remind you that what matters to you matters to God.

But I sometimes forget to take my own advice.

So today I prayed one of those tiny prayers, somewhat sheepishly.

I prayed that He would lead me to a good hairdresser when I went to the Hair Cuttery.

I lost my favorite hairdresser over a year ago. She moved too far away for me to continue to see her.

Since then I have been playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with my hair.

I just show up at a Hair Cuttery & hope this won’t be the time I get a horrible cut.

Well, in April it finally happened.

I got a bad cut.

When you have fine hair like I do, a bad cut can be horrendous.

I have put up with this bad cut for 2 months.

It took 2 months of growing at a snail’s pace before it had grown enough to shape up.

I chose a different shop this time. As I was pulling in the parking lot I whispered a completely selfish prayer.

“Lord please lead me to a good hairdresser.”


Prayer answered.

Nicole not only fixed my mop, she didn’t charge me!

Thanks for showing off, Lord.

I knew Hair Cuttery had a “smile back” guarantee, but I didn’t pursue it back in April so I assumed I wasn’t eligible anymore.

Don’t you love it when God not only answers your silly prayer, but adds His own personal bonus?

Side note-Nicole takes appointments & I am booked for August. I think I found my new hairdresser.

Has the Lord ever answered one of these tiny prayers for you? I would love to hear about! Please leave it in the FB comments.

You are so loved!


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