Car seats & swing sets

I never imagined I would be 45 years old, sitting in my driveway scrubbing out car seats with a swing set & bikes that still have training wheels on them in the background.

25 years ago I was single, going to college to become a teacher.

20 years ago I was a freshly divorced & single again, trying to figure out where I fit in anymore. Working 2 jobs & trying to get over the trauma my first marriage had put me through.

15 years ago I was a working wife & mom with a precious baby.

10 years ago I became a stay at home mom.

5 years ago I am an advanced maternal age mom of twins. Still a stay at home mom.

I thank God for each of these seasons. They have made me who I am today.

Wherever you are, just know that something surprising could be just around the corner.

I am so content with my simple life. I love being home with my girls.

At the same time sometimes I long to make a difference in the world outside my house.

But if I’ve learned anything in these 45 years, it’s that God’s timing is always right.

I get myself in trouble when I try to push my agenda.

I’m praying on the porch for God to open the right doors.

He’s never led me in the wrong direction.

Sweet friend enjoy the season you’re in if you can. If it’s a dark season, just keep on keeping on knowing it will get better.

If you are in a sweet spot, live it up, savor every moment you can.

You are loved!


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