A day well spent

I spent the day with my oldest today.

My sister was kind enough to keep up with the littles & they were so excited to spend the day with her!

Emma is leaving for camp next week & we will miss her terribly!

I so enjoyed the laughs & snorts we shared all day long.

We shopped.

We ate.

We got pedicures & texted each other the whole time.

We talked about boys, who is cute, who is tall enough for her to consider dating. (She has very specific criteria on the height requirement.)

We’ve told her all along that she can’t “date” till she’s 16.

I feel like that has taken the pressure off of feeling like she needs a boyfriend.

But 16 is just around the corner!

I shared with her that I had prayed for her husband since I found out I was pregnant with her. I wasn’t sure I had ever shared that with her.

We talked about her friends. I’m thankful to say she is blessed in that department. Her circle may be small, but it’s a good one!

Sometimes I get so busy with the littles I feel like I’ve neglected her.

She was my baby first.

It was just us for 10 years.

There are days that my heart squeezes when I think about the days we spent at the library & park & the Walmart.

The littles have always had each other, so they will never have what she did. (They are blessed in others ways & in no way are they neglected.)

I’m so thankful God blessed us with her.

She’s a good egg & I’m thankful she’s mine.



  1. I saw those littles at the pool. They told me they don’t have chickens any more and I saw them swimming like fish. I am so glad you had the day with Emma. Those memories will last a lifetime.

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