Shoes by the door

This pile of shoes by the door represents so much more than not tracking dirt in my mom’s house.

It’s a snapshot of what a blessing it is to raise our kids close to their grandparents, aunts & uncles & cousins.

It’s a million Sunday BLT lunches after church.

It’s a steak or burgers on the grill on a random weeknight in the summer.

It’s a cool cup of homemade chocolate or strawberry ice cream.

It’s Thanksgiving dinner, laughing & playing Spoons with even more cousins.

It’s Christmas Eve, stealing presents from each other in the greedy gift game.

It’s a collection of memories I pray my girls carry with them always.

These shoes belong to 8 grandkids who are so fortunate to have a set of grandparents close by who spoil them like crazy.

These shoes represent countless ball games cheering on each other’s kids.

3 sisters & 8 grandkids who love to come together no matter what the season, meal or sport.

My girls are even more blessed with another set of grandparents who are expert spoilers & who support them in countless ways.

This picture makes my heart happy.


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