Livin her best life

I have been carrying a movie theater gift card around since Christmas. It was a present for the girls. I have been waiting for a good cartoon to come out.


Today I took the girls to see Toy Story 4.

We even had enough money on the card to buy popcorn & drinks, it was a real blessing!

The girls have been to one other movie, I think it was one of the $1 movies back when they were 2ish. Didn’t go so well. Not awful but they just weren’t ready.

They were super excited to go today!

We found our seats…spilled a little, ok a lot of popcorn trying to get settled. Little booties don’t keep the flying seats down…it took a few attempts before we got the balancing act right!

We watch a billion previews.

The lights finally dimmed & our feature presentation began.

A few minutes into it, Libby asks, is it going to get better?

Hmmm wasn’t expecting that.

I assured her it would.

A few moments later she asked how much longer it would last. And this continued throughout the movie

I was confused. She seemed to be enjoying herself, laughing, eating her popcorn.

I finally asked her if she liked the movie.

YES! She definitely did.

Maybe she liked it so much that she dreaded when it was going to end?

She was struggling to savor the movie as she was watching it, too worried that it would end soon.

She wasn’t sure she liked it in the beginning, then didn’t want it to end.

Well if that isn’t a page out of my playbook!

Some days I’m not sure how I feel about something I’m experiencing. I wonder if it will get better.

Or maybe I am enjoying a season in my life so much I dread when it will end.

The mountains are so very lovely, but those valleys will get you every time.

Maybe what I should be doing instead is staying present in the moment. Whether it’s good or bad.

Maybe I should be trusting the Lord that He has me in this place for a reason.

It’s easy to trust on the mountain top.

Try trusting in the valley.

That takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

I feel like the Lord opened my eyes a little today, just by experiencing a movie with my sweet Libby.

No worries, Callie was there off, stuffing popcorn in her mouth as fast as she could!

We also went to the game room in the lobby of the theatre & they both rode motorcycles. It was hysterical!

I’d say we were livin our best lives today!

And I’m going to try to live my best life today & tomorrow & the next day.

Whether it’s mountain top living or having peace in the valley, try to be present.

And remember you are so loved.


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